Identify The Destination

Identify The Destination

Once you have identified how much you have available, you proceed to investigate the approximate costs of the goals you are interested in visiting. Here some examples of targets according to the available amount:

  • Between $ 500 to $ 1,000 – Cancun, Mexico City, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, among others.
  • Between $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 – Other Latin destinations such as Panama, Colombia and even some European destinations such as Spain, Germany or Italy when offers on flexible dates where you get a ticket in less than $ 500.00.
  • From $ 2,000 and up anywhere in the world.

What is important to understand is that a trip can cost twice as much depending on the date you travel and how much time in advance you plan the trip. The flexibility in period is something that will always save you a lot. If you are one of the people who cannot be flexible on the travel date, do not leave it for a month before, start planning it at least six months in advance.


When I go to a country for the first time, I use Google as my primary research tool. What I always do is write the doubts in the search engine in the same way I would ask someone, for example: what are the best attractions in Spain or in a specific city like Madrid; which is the best time to visit Thailand; which is the best area to stay in Paris; and so on according to the destination to visit. By asking these questions, you will find articles from travel blogs where your doubts will be clarified, and you will design your itinerary. Usually, when you ask the questions in English, you will have more content options.

It is essential that you know that it is a process that takes time. If you do not have it, then contact a travel agency and pay for that service.

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