Travelling to Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world with both foreign and domestic tourism. In 2017 Canada was identified to be one of the countries that welcomed refugees and immigrants warmly. These accolades made it identify itself as the unifier of cultures and communities.

This article explores all the thrilling destinations that you can choose to visit in Canada.However, it is important to know about Canada ETA which is mandatory for you especially the visitors when touring such a beautiful nation.

Canada ETA

This is an electronic travel authorization which allows you to transit through a Canadian airport. It costs approximately $ 7 CAD.To apply you must have a valid debit or credit card,passport, and an email address. In most cases, after making an application you will receive an email notification from IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). You will then be notified on approval of your eTA and it will be linked to your passport.

A valid eTA not only allows you to board Canadian airlines but it will also allow you to be received by border services officers on your arrival. They will stamp your passport and validate your duration in Canada. However, any violation of conditions stipulated in your eTA might make you be asked to leave the country.

Basic requirements to travel to Canada

For you to be allowed to visit Canada you must meet the following basic requirements:

• You must have valid travel documents

•You should be in good health

• You should be free from any criminal record

•Convince immigration officers that you have assets or activity in your country that will prompt you to go back

• You should have adequate money for your stay

Top reasons to visit Canada

1. Cosmopolitan cities and natural wonders

Natural Canadian beauty is defined by glaciers, mountains, forests, and lakes. These sceneries have left most visitors talking about it due to thrilling experiences at these designated places. Nevertheless, Canada has been applauded as one of the world liveable countries due to its cosmopolitan cities.

They are friendly, safe, clean and multicultural. Each city has its unique features. Toronto is usually mistaken for being the country’s capital. Niagara Falls for hosting North America biggest waterfall; Horseshoe falls.Vancouver, on the other hand, is situated on water which is adjacent to the mountain range.


Canada is affordable to take a vacation. Its dollar is less than the US dollar which implies the cost of living for travelers would be cheaper you can choose to spend the whole summer holiday here. You will not face financial challenges during your expedition.

3. Outdoor activities

Canada has the biggest land which is inhabited thus ideal for outdoor activities. Some of these are Golfing, hiking, fishing, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Once you tour Canada don’t miss to get involved in one of these lifetime opportunities that are worth memories

4. Festivals

Canadians have a taste in organizing parties and events. Some of their popular events include:

-The celebration of light: It is characterized by fireworks competition which is usually attended by folks from all corners of the world.

-Calgary Stampede: All you will need is to buy a ticket and be part of this wonderful event

-Toronto international film festival

-Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa

-Edmonton folk music festival

-Quebec winter carnival