ESTA Helps Foreigners Travel To The US Without So Much Hassle

When not familiar with ESTA USA visa applicants might be thinking they have to go through the entire interview process to travel to the states. If you’re not taking a trip that lasts for 3 months or longer, you can forget the word visa, maybe. It does depend on other factors, but you get the point. You can skip that trip to the consulate, and you can qualify for the visa waiver program.

In fact, just so we’re continuing with the theme of forgetting the word ‘visa,’ which signifies such a stressful process, let’s call the program VVWP for short. Furthermore, you can just call it ESTA, which is the electronic system for travel authorization that you will be applying with online. Soon you will have that authorization, and you will find that a trip to the US is quite simple.

After that, it’s just a matter of booking your flight and lodging. It was mentioned that there are other requirements. That is true, and those requirements need to be stated so that you know what to expect. First, your home country matters. ESTA has a list of countries that are accepted when it comes to the VWP.

Additionally, your record matters in terms of immigration concerns or any arrests. If you have been arrested previously, or there have been immigration issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be disqualified for the VWP. It is just mentioned on the official ESTA site as something that is considered when you are applying.

Those three factors are the main things you need to know when you get ready to fill out the simple application online. You don’t have any interview to go through, and you don’t have to jump through any other hoops. Isn’t that visa process so frustrating? It sure is, and that’s why it’s so great that you are going to be able to apply with ESTA.

You don’t want to have to concern yourself with a visa application and interview. Based on the 3 factors mentioned, what you’re looking to do is get ready to travel. The online application will be completed in a matter of minutes, and after paying the $14 fee, you just simply wait to see if you’re approved by ESTA. Then it’s travel time, and you get to start planning what all you want to do when you get to the United States and enjoy your vacation.