A Global Promotional Agency

WavePlay is a global promotional agency. If you want to raise your visibility, gain a competitive brand advantage, and secure instant access to new ideas, relationships, and opportunities, contact us. WavePlay also produces knowledge-sharing videos, events, and features, connecting founders with venture capitalists, angels and the investment community. WavePlay services include strategy, branding, videos, promotions, social media, events and public relations.

Founder Resources

We believe in contributing to the success of the founder community and use every opportunity to create projects and events with our friends to share knowledge, stories and ideas. To discover founder resources, click here.

International Founder Resources

We are actively involved with the international community, helping companies, government agencies, and founders go global. For international founder resources, click here.

Branding & Promotions


Promotional & Knowledge-sharing Events


Video Production & Promotion

Check out our latest video for Liibook, a peer-to-peer publishing network.

WavePlay produces, distributes and promotes videos. Looking to communicate with video on your website, electronic newsletters, and social media?  It's easier than you think and a lot of fun! Check out this explainer video featuring Liibook, a peer-to-peer publishing network.